Section 6: Personal Protective Equipment


Section 6: Personal Protective Equipment

The Unified COVID-19 Algorithms is an ongoing collaboration between volunteer facilitators, technical specialists and algorithm constructors, contributors and reviewers from different medical organizations, as well as students from the UP College of Medicine and Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health. This release reflects evidence and policy updates, as well as medical community consensus since the call of the Health Professionals’ Alliance Against COVID-19 to restrategize the country’s response against COVID-19.

Each algorithm was reviewed by subject matter experts, stakeholders, as well as end- users. With the Philippine context in perspective, the algorithms provide clear guidelines for

COVID-19 management from both the community and hospital levels. Algorithms also reinforce recommendations of the Department of Health with emphasis on evidence-based decision making, as well as patient-centeredness.

Work on the first version of the Unified Algorithms was started as early as March 2020 with a small team of three volunteer facilitators, four algorithm constructors, and five core medical societies convened by the Asia-Pacific Center for Evidence-Based Healthcare and hosted by the Philippine Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. With support from PSMID, this expansion was carried out by the HPAAC Steering Committee through its network of volunteers. These algorithms are subject to change as evidence emerges and guidelines are updated. Recommendations on patient care are not absolute. Final decisions remain under the discretion of the healthcare provider.

As the unified algorithms are utilized, end-users are enjoined to provide feedback as to their experience with use of the algorithms in the field through: and or

The unified COVID-19 algorithms come in seven sections. Links to the other sections are provided below:

Section 1: Patient Navigation

Section 2: Primary Care

Section 3: Hospital Care

Section 4: Special Considerations

Section 5: Patient Reintegration

Section 6: Personal Protective Equipment

Section 7: Emergency Services

Steering Committee

Dr. Marissa M. Alejandria
Dr. Romelei Camiling-Alfonso
Dr. Pauline F. Convocar
Dr. Antonio Miguel L. Dans
Dr. Anna Sofia Victoria S. Fajardo
Dr. Mario M. Panaligan
Dr. Aileen T. Riel-Espina
Dr. Maria Asuncion A. Silvestre