UNIFIED COVID-19 Algorithms


UNIFIED COVID-19 Algorithms

The unified COVID-19 algorithms are adapted from multiple guidelines as released by the World Health Organization, Department of Health, and other societies. This document was also reviewed by different experts with the end-goal of having a summarized and comprehensive compilation of guidelines that will aid in management of COVID-19 patients by healthcare workers from both the community and hospital levels.

Lastly, while these patient-centered algorithms intend to summarize and simplify recommendations, these may be subject to change as evidence emerges and guidelines are updated. Any recommendations on patient care are not absolute. Final decisions remain under the discretion of the healthcare provider.

The unified COVID-19 algorithms come in four sections. Links to the other sections are provided below:

Section 1: Guidelines for Primary Care

Section 2: Guidelines for Hospital Care

Section 3: Guidelines for PPE Use by Healthcare Workers

Section 4: Guidelines on Return to Work

Coordinated, constructed, and curated by

Romilei Camiling Alfonso, MD
Alberto E. Antonio Jr.
Antonio L. Dans, MD
Ronna Cheska V. De Leon, MD
Alexander Leandro B. Dela Fuente, MD
Maria A. Silvestre, MD
Sarah Reem D. Hesham Mohamed Hagag