San Lazaro Hospital

In 2005, a concrete plan for the establishment of “Clinical Departments or Departmentalization” was conceptualized. On March 6, 2006, thru a hospital order, three Clinical Departments were established namely: The Adult Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine Department (AIDTMD), the Pediatric Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine Department (PIDTMD) and the Family Medicine Department (FMD), thus AIDTMD was established. Adult male and female infectious patients were admitted at Pavilion 6 (50-bed capacity) and Pavilion 2 (50-bed capacity) respectively. Each pavilion has its own isolation rooms for patients with highly communicable disease like meningococcemia, diphtheria, measles and varicella. A separate room in also intended for patients with rabies. Adult infectious patients who needs critical care are admitted at Adult Infectious Disease Critical Care Unit (Adult IDCCU) (6-bed capacity). The AIDTMD from 2006 to 2017, has accepted 21 Fellows-in-Training and produced 23 Infectious Disease Fellow Graduates.


Vision: To be a world-class health care, research, and training facility in adult infectious and tropical diseases.

Mission: Respond with compassion and sensitivity in providing quality Health care amongadults with infectious and tropical diseases.


  1. To provide an in-depth training on infectious diseases and tropical medicine for adult patient among internists.
    • Develop skills on clinical assessment and management with particular emphasis on the following:
      1. Adult IDCCU cases
      2. HIV related infections
      3. Emerging and re-emerging infections
      4. Immunocompromised cases
    • Offer extensive knowledge in laboratory techniques (Bacteriology, Virology, Parasitology, and Mycology) and its clinical correlation.
  2. To implement standardized management guidelines on infectious disease.
  3. To provide research experience in various aspects of the infectious disease and tropical medicine.
    • Act as Principal Investigator and as co-Investigator/Collaborator.
  4. To provide teaching opportunities for fellows-in-training and guide medical service residents, medical interns and other allied medical health services.


  1. To provide quality care among patients aged 19 years old and above afflicted
  2. with infectious disease admitted at the AIDTMD of San Lazaro Hospital.
  3. To develop competent infectious fellowship training for internist.
  4. To stimulate and develop aptitudes for investigation and research.
  5. To implement standardized management guidelines on infectious diseases.
  6. To provide training orientation of the department’s policies and guidelines on specific infectious diseases.
  7. To conduct health education activities among patients and watchers in the department.
  8. To develop desirable attitudes of professionalism, social consciousness and civic mindedness among colleagues, patients, co-workers, and pharmaceutical companies
  9. To maintain and upgrade facilities and equipment of the department


The PSMID granted San Lazaro Hospital-AIDTMD accreditation for satisfactorily complying with the prescribed standards and requirements for Fellowship Training Program in Infectious Disease.


2005: Concrete plans for the establishment of Clinical Departments or “Departmentalization” was conceptualized.
March 6, 2006: Thru a Hospital Order, three Clinical Departments were established namely the Adult Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine Department (AIDTMD), the Pediatric Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine Department (PIDTMD) and the Family Medicine Department (FMD).
Year 2006 up to 2015: The new AIDTMD had accepted 21 Fellows-in-Training and produced 13 Infectious Disease Fellow Graduates.
November 2015 up to present: SLH AIDTMD has been accredited by the ISO 9001:2008


Head: Dr. Rontgene M. Solante
Training Officer: Dr. Edna M. Edrada


  • Dr. Ma. Jean Linsao
  • Dr. Julie Ann Lopez
  • Dr. Dae Raymond Mariano
  • Dr. Regil Joseph Martinez
  • Dr. Ernie Obuyes
  • Dr. Christel Marie Seno
  • Dr. Joy Señeres
  • Dr. Christian Terrazola
  • Dr. Yves Ann Araneta
  • Dr. Carmelo Cortez
  • Dr. Maria Fe Cruz
  • Dr. Sonja Escara
  • Dr. Rodrigo Jon Eva
  • Dr. Jannil Monteverde
  • Dr. Liza May Paulma
  • Dr. Princess Mae Petallana
  • Dr. Irvin Joshua Rigos
  • Dr. Krister Ken Roque
  • Dr. Jan Michael Sombong
  • Dr. Carolyn Sontillano
  • Dr. Lotgarda Tayao