Continuing to soar

Continuing to soar

In subsequent years, several educational workshops headed by Dr. Marie Yvette C. Barez were conducted to boost the Society’s advocacy on rational antibiotic use. During her term in 2015, the vision-mission statements of PSMID were revisited, along with its management action plan (MAP) goals: 1) active participation on issues of public health importance; 2) accurate information on important health issues; 3) enhanced ID Training Program; 4) improved performance in specialty board exams; 5) focused, unified research agenda; and 6) improved membership involvement & participation. At this time, the Society started giving subsidized funding or grant for selected fellow-in-training.


From 2016-2017, collaborations were made with the Department of Health and other medical professional organizations such as the Philippine Medical Association (PMA), PhilCAT and Philippine Foundation for Vaccination (PFV) in relation to HIV, TB, emerging infections such as Ebola and MERS-CoV, dengue, and antimicrobial stewardship, with the creation of the National Antibiotic Guidelines (NAG). During the term of Dr. Rose delos Reyes, the research program was enhanced with the Society’s partnership with the Philippine Council for Health Research Development (PCHRD). In addition, new CPGs on “Ethics in Infectious Disease Practice”, “Diarrhea”, “Typhoid Fever,” and “Opportunistic Infections in HIV,” were released, aside from the updates of the guidelines on TB and CAP.


Indeed, the Philippine Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases has gone a long way and from its humble beginnings find further inspiration in the achievements of the present. As it gets stronger and explores new territories, it finds itself conquering more untempered horizons in both the national and international arena. As it continues to soar, PSMID remained committed to uplifting the lives of the Filipino people through the promotion of health consciousness and the prevention of infectious diseases.


As we break new grounds and blaze pioneering trails, we all reflect on what could be further achieved in the service.