PSMID@ 50 Day 2 Plenary Sessions


PSMID@ 50 Day 2 Plenary Sessions

1. Navigating the Maze of COVID-19 Diagnostics
Speaker: Raul V. Destura, MD, FPCP, PSMID
Chair: Evelina N. Lagamayo, MD, FPSMID
Co-Chair: Mitzi Marie M. Chua, MD, FPCP, FPSMID

2. Treatment Options for COVID-19
Speaker: Marissa Alejandria, MD, MSc, FPCP, FPSMID
Chair: Myrna T. Mendoza, MD, FPCP, FPSMID
Co-Chair: Endymion Ervin M. Tan, MD, FPCP, FPSMID

3. Long Haul COVID-19: Close and Long Encounter with SARS CoV-2
Speaker: Prof. Paul Garner Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Chair: Regina Berba, MD, FPCP, FPSMID

4. Vaccines for COVID-19
Speaker: Soumya Swaminathan, MBBS, MD WHO Geneva
Chair: Jodor A. Lim, MD, FPCP, FPSMID
Co-chair: Bryan Albert Lim, MD, FPCP, FPSMID

5. Diagnostic Utility of Saliva Specimens for COVID-19
Diana Rose Ranoa, MSc, PhD University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
Chair: Julius A. Lecciones, MD, FPIDSP, FPSMID
Co-Chair: Jemelyn U. Garcia, MD, FPCP, FPSMID