PSMID Practice Survey

PSMID Practice Survey

The Philippine Medical Association (PMA) and the PSMID wishes to hear from its members regarding your practice.


Primary Care Provider (generalist) means that your practice is focused on the primary care for your patients, and that you refer patients to specialist providers when necessary.

Specialist Care Provider means that your practice is focused on specialist care (internist, infectious disease specialist), and you manage patients referred to you from primary care providers.


The Universal Healthcare (UHC) Law will require the formation of a Health Care Provider Network to offer people-centered and comprehensive care in an integrated and coordinated manner with the primary care provider acting as the navigator and coordinator of health care within the network. The PRC and the DOH is coordinating with us to set up a registry for the current number of practitioners and location of practice.

Upon the implementation of the UHC, all individuals will be seen and handled generally by a primary health care provider; when the need arises, patients will be referred to a specialist that is based on the healthcare system network.

Physicians can practice either as a primary care provider (generalist) or as a specialist (internal medicine, infectious disease), but not both.